• H350C CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
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  • Product characteristics:

    -H350C CNC Spiral Bevel Cutting Machine is a six-axis five-linkage CNC gear milling machine
    - The machining method of end milling tooth can be used to process Gleason tooth circular bevel gear.
    - The machine can process  high reduced-ratio hypoid gears and end face arc tooth couplings
    - It can not only be used for dry cutting with new structure cutter head, but also for using cooling oil supply device to achieve wet cutting with traditional cutter head. 
    -  Tool spindle and workpiece spindle adopt Direct Drive Technology
    - The machine adopt Siemens s840dsl numerical Control system
    - The machine can achieve automatic tool alignment and automatic allowance allocation

    Technical parameter

    H350C technical parameter Face hobbing method
    Maximum workpiece diameter(mm) 350 350
    maximum modulus(mm) 10 10
    Maximum tooth depth(mm) 20 20
    Maximum tooth surface width(mm) 60 60
    Machining tooth number 1~200 5~200
    Machining tooth number 1:200 1:10
    working accuracy(DIN) 5 5
    Cutter plate size 3.5”~9” 51mm~105mm
    Cutter shaft speed(rpm) 0~1000 0~1000
    Large end diameter of workpiece shaft Ø99.219 Ø99.219
    Workpiece shaft through hole length 310 310
    Workpiece shaft speed 0~1200 0~1200
    Workpiece shaft inner hole taper 1:19.6923 1:19.6923
    Working table rotation angle(°) -5~90 -5~90
    Working table swing speed(rpm) 0~5 0~5
    Mainframe dimension(L*W*H, mm) 4500*2600*2600
    Mainframe weight(kg) 20000
    floor space(L*w, mm) 6000*4000

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