• Innovative research and development
  •   The Technology Department is a professional research and development institution of the company, with a group of high-quality professional talents who have professional and profound achievements in mechanical design, CNC technology, Spiral Bevel Gear design, manufacturing and measurement, and related tool design. The company has a research and development team with high academic theoretical level, strong design ability, and rich practical experience, and has conducted long-term strategic cooperation with multiple higher education institutions and research institutions across the country. We have obtained multiple design patents and independent intellectual property rights for software, and the company has more than 20 full-time technical personnel, including 5 senior engineers (including Drs). One member of the China Gear Standardization Committee and one member of the China Gear Machine Standardization Committee.
    Responsibilities and functions of the Technical Center:
           The Technology Department is responsible for researching and developing new machine tool products and improving existing products to meet market demand and improve product quality. Through independent research and development, we have successfully developed a series of new high-precision and high-efficiency machine tool products, which have won widespread market recognition.
    Technical research:
           The Technology Department will conduct in-depth research on cutting-edge technologies in machine tool manufacturing, including research on new materials, new processes, intelligent manufacturing, etc., in order to improve the company's technical strength.
    Technical support:
           Providing technical support to the sales and after-sales service departments, solve customer technical problems, conduct market research, understand customer needs, and provide feedback to the company's R&D department. Through continuous technological upgrades and product improvements.
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