• Innovative research and development
  •   JYKS’s technology center is a specialized R & D institutions of the company, includes three professional design rooms: mechanical design, electrical design, software design, and a comprehensive management office, has a number of highly qualified and specialized talents, has professional and profound achievements in mechanical design, CNC technology, design, manufacturing and measuring of spiral bevel gears, related tool design and other aspects. The company establishes graduate education innovation base in cooperation with the Central South University, doctoral supervisor and professor of the Central South University Tao Zeng as academic leaders, more than 30 people are full-time technicians, among of them, there is one person with the special allowance of the State Council, 3 the China Gears Standardization Committee members and the China gear machine Standardization Committee members, 16 senior engineers ( include Drs ), has a large team of high-level researchers。 
      1 Mastering the Core Technology
      The technical team led by Tao Zeng started from theoretical study, has worked in the machining and research of gears for more than twenty years, studied and manufactured the machine tools for spiral bevel gears for 10 years, has a strong theoretical foundation and abundant practical experience, has mastered the core technology of CNC spiral bevel gear machine tools.
      2 Possessing the Patent Structure of Independent Intellectual Property Right
      The 'rod-driven NC rotary table' invented by the company is the fifth innovative structure after existing four B-axis transmission modes, is simple, practical and reliable, can effectively solve various deficiencies of the existing four kinds of B-axis transmission modes.
      3 A Full Team
      Research, development and production of CNC spiral bevel gear machines is a complicated system engineering and its concern is wide, needs cooperation in many respects. Through ten years of practice and running, they establish a complete technical and management team.
      4 Backing by HMCT Group
      HMCT Group is a domestic famous enterprise for manufacturing machine tools and has more than 50 years of production history, has rich and mature production experience and foundation. It will provide strong backing and help to JYKS not only in the capital and management, but also in the manufacture of precision parts and features procurement.
      The company established fine machining shop, precision assembly workshop, precision measurement room, etc., purchased a number of processing and testing equipments, ensure precision machining of key components and manufacturing precision of products..
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