• Leaders of China general technology group visited Changsha Haliang kaishuai company for investigation and guidance
  • Source:Changsha links-ks   Release time:2019-07-03 19:44:00
  •   On the afternoon of June 27, Xu Xianping, chairman of China General Technology Group, Wang Xusheng, deputy general manager, and 9 leaders from relevant departments visited Changsha Haliang kaishuai company for investigation 。
      Chairman Xu Xianping visited the company's production workshop and gear exhibition hall in detail and inquired about the company's products, technology, market, personnel, etc
      The meeting also listened to the report of general manager Liao Chaoyang of kaishuai company on the current production and operation situation and future development plan。
             Xu Xianping, chairman of the board of directors, pointed out that as a technology intensive high-tech enterprise, Harbin kaishuai Co., Ltd. benchmarked the world-class technology in the spiral bevel gear segment industry, and "grinding a tooth in ten years" made a silent contribution to the country's foreign exchange expenditure reduction. At the same time, he affirmed kaishuai's core team's unremitting persistence and hard work in difficult times, and instructed General Technology Group's high-end equipment The business department puts forward plans to support and support kaishuai out of difficulties。
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