• Professor Feng Zhanhua, President of Taiwan Zhongzheng University, and his delegation came to the company for academic exchange
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  •   Recently, Feng Zhanhua, Ph.D., Professor, President of Taiwan Zhongzheng University, Dr. Liu Danqi and other members visited kaishuai company for a one-day academic visit. The two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation。  
      Accompanied by Liao Chaoyang, general manager of kaishuai company, Professor Zeng Tao, technical leader, etc., Professor Feng and his party visited the company's production workshop and gear workshop, and watched the processing of h650ga grinding 457 large and small gears, the operation demonstration of h650c dry cutting 457 gears, h350gh grinding wheels, h350ga grinding gears, h350c dry cutting 6480 gears and other machine tools as well as gear measurement in the gear workshop Operation demonstration of center detection gear。
      Later, Professor Feng Zhanhua and his delegation went to the conference room for academic exchange talks. Dr. Wang Zhiyong, technical expert of kaishuai company, introduced the basic situation, products and technical characteristics of the company. Professor Feng pointed out that gear grinding is the most reliable way to improve the accuracy of gears. He spoke highly of the achievements of our company in the processing technology of spiral bevel gears. At the same time, he also shared the technological achievements of the creative disc grinding method and the creative worm grinding method researched by Zhongzheng University。
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