• Changsha kaishuai Co., Ltd. held the cloud meeting of secondary staff representatives in 2019
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  •   At 15:00 p.m. on February 25, 2020, Changsha kaishuai Co., Ltd. held the second level employee representative cloud meeting in 2019 under the chairmanship of general manager Liao Chaoyang. In early 2020, novel coronavirus was under the influence of the group company's call. Kai Shuai company adopted the video conference to hold the two level staff representative conference。
      At the meeting, general manager Liao Chaoyang led you to learn from the speech spirit of the Secretary of the Party committee and the chairman of the board of directors by Haiyan entitled "standing at a new starting point to move forward on a new journey and promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise with a new concept of development" and general manager Li Tiehuan entitled "never forget to forge ahead with one's original heart" Work report of "unremitting efforts to achieve high-quality development of the company", and conveyed the spirit of the second 12th workers' Congress of the group company. Later, general manager Liao deployed the work arrangement of Changsha kaishuai company in 2020 at the meeting, pointed out that first, pay attention to effectiveness, carry out work around the economic indicators of the enterprise, highlight the leading role of economic indicators throughout the company, fight for the market, strengthen marketing work, focus on national defense and military industry, contract precision parts processing business, cultivate new economic growth points, open up resources and reduce expenditure, and implement internal Tap the potential. Second, we should tackle technical problems, improve product performance, enhance the company's competitiveness, comprehensively implement high-end gear grinding machine technology, establish world-class brand, accelerate product research and development, seize the market of small module gear machine tools, improve the quality awareness of all staff, strengthen quality control, cultivate reserve talents, and develop the company continuously, unswervingly grasp the party building, and implement the theme education achievements。
      Luo fujuan, chairman of the trade union, read out the collection document of membership dues of trade union members at the meeting and made the work plan and arrangement of the trade union in 2020. Li Xiaofei of the office deliberated on standardizing the company's labor management discipline regulations, confidentiality agreement and probation agreement at the meeting. At the same time, we call on employees to pool their ideas and collect rationalization proposals。
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