• 2017 annual summary and commendation conference of Changsha hadang kaishuai
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  •   On January 26, 2018, kaishuai company's 2017 annual summary and commendation conference arrived as scheduled. All the employees gathered together and opened the curtain in the wonderful and sincere New Year's speech of general manager Liao Chaoyang. President Liao reviewed the company's 2017 year. He hoped that all the employees in 2018 would work together to achieve the company's 2018 goals, and at the same time send sincere greetings to all the employees New year's greetings。
      In the past year, the company's output and sales revenue have reached the best level in history, the company's management is more perfect and reasonable, and the functions of all departments are more clear and detailed, which are inseparable from the joint efforts and efforts of the company's management team and all employees. The host enthusiastically read out the list of winners who won the titles of "advanced unit", "advanced office", "advanced production (work)" and "excellent management cadre" in 2017. Nine winners, excited and excited, went to the podium in three rounds to receive the commendation from the company's leaders. The company's leaders awarded the honorary certificate and bonus to each winner. All members of the company also gave the most sincere wishes and warm applause to the winning colleagues。
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