• Haliang Group Co., Ltd. held the 10th meeting of the 2nd workers' Congress
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  •   On February 1, the 10th meeting of the second staff congress of Harbin quantum group was held in the conference center. Wei Hualiang, chairman of the board of directors, made a work report entitled "firm confidence, forge ahead, and comprehensively fight the battle for slimming, fitness, quality and efficiency improvement". 90 staff representatives and 51 non voting representatives from all walks of life attended the workers' Congress。
      In his work report, Wei Hualiang comprehensively summarized the company's work in 2017, and at the same time planned and deployed the key work in 2018. He proposed that "adhere to market development, improve market competitiveness; adhere to innovation driven, accelerate product upgrading; adhere to quality first, improve supply quality; adhere to deepening reform, strengthen operation control; accelerate talent construction, Build a team of craftsmen; keep in mind the original mission and thoroughly implement the working policy of "comprehensively and strictly governing the party"。
      The representatives at the meeting had a full and warm discussion on the work report made by Chairman Wei Hualiang. They agreed that the summary results of the "report" were objective and comprehensive, the problems were sorted out accurately and in place, the situation was analyzed thoroughly, the focus of the deployment work was prominent, and the measures were formulated effectively and pragmatically, which pointed out the direction and goal for the future work of the company. The report was approved by the warm applause of all the delegates。
      The meeting also deliberated and approved the 2018 training plan of the company, deliberated and signed the collective labor contract of employees, passed the resolution of the meeting, and elected the staff supervisors. At the same time, according to the requirements of the assessment and evaluation of the leading group and members of the second level organization of general technology group, the democratic assessment of the group and members of the company was carried out。
      After successfully completing the agenda of the meeting, the 10th meeting of the second workers' Congress of Harbin Quantum Group Co., Ltd. was successfully closed。
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