• Haliang Group won the top ten brand network selection of China's measuring tool industry in 2017
  • Source:Changsha links-ks   Release time:2018-02-06 19:53:00
  •   In the just concluded network selection activity of top ten brands in China's measuring tool industry, Harbin quantum group ranks first in the list with absolute advantage. This activity is initiated by brand ranking network. According to the tenet of "guiding brand consumption and building a brand of integrity", the purpose is to guide and help consumers to choose products. After three months of online selection, Harbin quantum ranked first among the top ten brands in China's measuring tool industry with a vote rate of nearly 2.9 million. During the voting period, 3413 comments were received, with a high praise rate of 99.9%。 
      Founded in 1952, Haliang Group is the only enterprise manufacturing measuring tools in 156 key projects during the "first five year plan" period in China. It is known as the "proud son of the tool manufacturing industry in the Republic". After more than 60 years of innovation and development, Haliang Group has become an advanced precision measuring tool manufacturing enterprise in China. Its links products have been rated as "China famous brand" products, its trademarks have been awarded "China famous brand", and its enterprises have been rated as the leading enterprises in China's tool industry and provincial high-tech enterprises。
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