• H1250C Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
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  • Applications and Features:

      -H1250C  CNC Spiral Bevel Cutting Machine is a six-axis five-linkage CNC gear milling machine.
      -It can be machined not only with Gleason tooth arc bevel gear, but also can process Klingelberg tooth cycloidal bevel gear.
      -Upright post adopt Double-layer frame structure,  High rigidity
      -Y axis is driven by double wire rod, has good dynamic performance
      - The machine adopt Siemens s840dsl numerical Control system
      - The machine can achieve automatic tool alignment and automatic allowance allocation

    Technical Parameter:

    H1250C Technical parameter Face hobbing method
    Maximum workpiece diameter(mm) 1250 1250
    Maximum modulus(mm) 28 28
    Maximum  tooth depth(mm) 50 50
    Maximum tooth surface width(mm) 180 180
    Machining tooth number 5~200 5~200
    Maximum transmission ratio 1:10 1:10
    working accuracy(DIN) 6 6
    Cutter plate size 12〞~18〞 135mm-260mm
    Cutter shaft speed(rpm) 0~155 0~155
    Large end diameter of workpiece shaft Φ270 Φ270
    Workpiece shaft through hole length 795 795
    Workpiece shaft speed(rpm) 0~40 0~40
    Working table rotation angle(°) 0~90 0~90
    Working table swing speed(rpm) 0~4 0~4
    Mainframe dimension(L*W*H, mm) 4760×3150×3860
    Mainframe weight(kg) 41000
    Floor space(L×W,mm) 5270×4750

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