• Milling of Spiral Bevel Gear
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  • 1.Gleason tooth

    -Suitable for cutter head specification:3.5”-28”(diameter)
    -Maximum module of Machinable gear:28mm
    -Maximum outside diameter of Machinable gear:1250mm
    -The new structure cutter head can be used to cut the rear axle spiral bevel gear of heavy and light vehicles

    2.Oricon tooth system

    -Suitable for cutter head specification:51mm-200mm(radius)
    -Maximum module of Machinable gear:16mm
    -Maximum outside diameter of Machinable gear:650mm
    -The new structure cutter head can be used to cut the Cycloid Bevel Gear of heavy and light truck rear axle (Oricon gear system)

    3.Klinberg tooth system

    -Customized special cutter head can process klinberg gear Cycloid Bevel Gear
    -Maximum outside diameter of Machinable gear:1000mm
    -The precision of Hard Skiving after heating can reach DIN 5 level accuracy
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